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Testimonials: Testimonial

I’d like to thank jump rope stables for uniting me with my Rottweiler. I enquired about purchasing a Rottweiler puppy from finding their website through a friend. They were extremely prompt getting back ahold of me and explaining the puppies bloodline, temperament , food regiment and history of the dogs they raise. They made sure my intentions of raising the puppy to insure it was going to a forever home. They seamed like friends before I met them, meeting the puppies , dogs and people I knew I was in good company and they cared about the well being of their dogs. They answered any questions I had , and showed all history of the puppies shots , food, microchip , even bathed the puppy and sent me with documentation and literature on raising a puppy, such a pleasant experience dealing with people that cared as much about Rottweilers as I did, the puppy has been such a blessing, so well behaved and such a great demeanor, my local vet complimented my breeders work and paperwork they sent with me, I wish more breeders took the pride they did Thank you so much Sincerely Dave Geist

Dave Geisrt

I purchased a puppy from Jump Rope Stables last year. She is hands down the best Rottweiler I've owned (#4). Its was winter time when she joined our family and we had no problem getting her potty trained.
She is exceptionally smart, extremely athletic and incredibly loyal. Her temperament is such that I believe she would also be suitable as a service dog.   She is well proportioned and probably would do well in the show ring, but instead she is "just" my life long buddy.
She is already a great watch dog at only 11 months, The extra security is nice to have around.
Thank you Jackie for breeding impeccable Rottweiler's and caring so much for these dogs and the homes they go to.
I highly recommend these dogs.

Trish Gamble

Riggs Vom Strauss.  

Nov. 2020:  11mos old, intact male, 110lbs to date.

 I had the pleasure of meeting Riggs shortly after he was born and spent a lot of time with the litter.  I wanted a male but was unsure of which pup because they were all so beautiful and sweet.  Over the next several weeks it became clear that I belonged to Riggs and my decision was made.  I brought him home at 8 weeks, not house broke of course but trained to potty on command, this was amazing and something Jackie had been working on from the start.  We survived his first 2 weeks of kennel training and then his puppyhood was a breeze.  

He is smart, intuitive and protective of his people and his home, and he has a special affinity for watching over children.  

He makes me laugh every day with his goofy pup antics and is my constant companion, always by my side.  I am so thrilled with the result of his breeding and the attention that Jackie put into the pups their first several weeks that made for a very easy transition into my home.

Laura Johnson

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